Acrylic Painting by Slam Painter Chris Crewe | 2019


Sledgehammer Painter - Chris Crewe - Urban Flower Series

Sledgehammer Painting in Action 2019 


Sledgehammer for Painting, say hi to the "big bang"
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Chris Crewe | Slam Painter | April 2019

Sledgehammer Painting by Artist Chris Crewe | 2019
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The weight of the hammer striking down creates an explosion of force which causes the paint to race outward and perform unpredictable maneuvers twisting in mid-air and skimming the surface of the canvas; like skipping pebbles on a pond.​

​The Mark
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I often wake up the friend who is staying on my couch with a loud bang in the wee hours of the morning; both of us are brought into a state of Zen by the completion of a painting. 

I take my goggles off and get a first look, she rubs her eyes to take a look as well….”Cool!” is the first word one of us can utter as we both examine the aftermath of color and clumps left on canvas.  

I imagine all of the possibilities for the future of Slam Painting and they are endless.​

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Slam Painter Chris Crewe Pop Art Clowns | 2019
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Sledgehammer Painting - Pop Art Clown

Painting is my Spirituality |  Chris Crewe 

The Impact

Learning to paint with the Sledgehammer over the last few months have reminded me of Chinese brush painting lessons as a child; how difficult the Horsetail Brush was to use. I spent many hours in clumsy frustration practicing to get the perfect mark.

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​The Sledgehammer

The intensity causes a hole which I have learned to live with; piercing through leaves room to apply a paint-soaked patch to the back, adding color to the ruptured canvas.  This breakthrough highlights the aftermath in much greater dimension.


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